Reusable Silicone Straws (4-Pack)
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About the Product

  • CLEVER DESIGN: Our ECO friendly straws are suitable for any kind of drink hot or cold. flexible and soft, you are able to bend the straws in any way and simply bounce back once released. Our spill proof travel lid can turn nearly any glass or cup into a spill proof glass or cup, simply slot over your desired glass or cup, perfect to help prevent spills and unwanted dirt and debrief entering your drink.
  • SO SIMPLE TO KEEP CLEAN: Reusable design, once you have finished using the straws or the spill proof travel lids, cleaning could not be any easier. Included is 1 rust proof cleaning brush, all you need is warm soapy water. Straws and Lids are also dishwasher safe too.
  • TOP TIP: Sugars in drinks can cause tooth erosion and decay. Drinking with a straw can help to reduce this damage. It can also help to reduce the staining effect of hot drinks like tea and coffee. Please wash before use.GREAT SIZE: Each straw measures in at 20cm Long perfect any kind of drinkware up to 19cm tall. 0.6cm wide perfect size any kind of drink from milkshakes, smoothies to coffee and teas. Perfect for any age from young children to the elderly.

Customer Reviews

Amazingly Convenient

I bought these because I have a cruise coming up. On my last cruise, they didn’t give straws with any drinks in an effort to protect the environment so this time I wanted to come prepared. I love the traveling cases so I can walk around the cruise with it easily without having to shove it in a pocket. I got some for everyone in my cabin. They’re affordable, durable, and I’m excited to make everyone jealous that we have straws! Bring on the frozen drinks!

-Anonymous Customer

Just what I needed!

These are exactly what I wanted! I DETEST those cardboard straws and ideally don't want to add to the 14M pounds of plastic straws in landfills, so I've been looking for a good portable re-usable straw set. I found most of the options didn't have a useful carrying case or were way too bulky (e.g., the stainless steel straws are just too long to easily fit in my small crossbody). These are perfect!


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